Hyatt Earth

A video culminated from footage by Hyatt employees around the world on taking focused, aggressive steps to reduce resource consumption, waste and emissions at Hyatt hotels – and protecting the natural environment in our local communities


FMYI - 'A New Day'

Produced the first-ever brand video for FMYI [for my innovation], Inc., a leader in collabrotation sites that empower teams to make a difference. 'A New Day' is an inspsirational two minute video about the heart and soul of FMYI, and what they aspire to do for you. All shots are in Portland, Or. where FMYI is based.

Nike - Tinker Hatfield Interview

From corporate architect to shoe designer, challenging standard shoe thought.

Adelsheim 40 Year Anniversary


Adelsheim Vineyard was established during a different era in America, when an idealization of going back to the land, a vision of a lifestyle focused on wine, and faith in one’s own abilities could stand-in for a business plan.


Oregon League of Conservation Voters

Produced for The 'Oregon League of Conservation Voters' (OLCV), a non-partisan political voice for Oregon's environmental community, this video was premiered at OLCV's 35th year anniversary fundraiser dinner, shown to an audience that included the Secertary of State, and the previous two Governors of Oregon. This event brought together 775 conservationists and allies, including over 50 elected officials, to celebrate OLCV's successes in the 2006 elections, their 35th Anniversary, and was key to helping raise the much-needed funds for OLCV's work.


Ponzi 40th Anniversary


Produced for the 40th Anniversary celebration of Ponzi Wines. This video tells the winemaking story of the Ponzi family, from being one the first pioneers of the Oregon wine industry, to the current growth and innovation of their second generation of winemaking.